A question we get is, “Why the name?” To Build My Own has a very special meaning to us, and we suspect that it means a great deal to a lot of you too. Think of To Build My Own as the answer to a question. What question? We’ll get to that in a second.

Several years back, in Pacific Northwest, a man had a dream.

He had all this music in his head that he wanted to record, but he didn’t have a place to record it. He searched for an affordable recording booth, but they were all too expensive. He needed his arm because it was connected to his hand that he used to play the piano, and he needed his leg to push the pedal and tap the beat.

One day, when he asked himself the question (this is the question…are you keeping up?), “What am I going to do?” the liberating idea burst into his mind, “I’m going TO BUILD MY OWN!” The idea was very loud.

The seed for tobuildmyown.com was planted that day.

This website is for all those who come to the same conclusion. When you’re faced with many kinds of expensive decisions—including the most expensive decision of all, which is to invest your entire life working to make someone else wealthy—you realize that you could save tons of money, make tons of money, and learn important skills if you’d just do it yourself. And you do. Because you’re awesome.

That’s why “To Build My Own.” Because in a culture full dependent people, we throw off the shackles and claim our independence through the pursuit of self-reliance.

Take off the shackles, my friend.


*We love your comments, your tips, your support, and your help. We encourage you to help us break down the barriers to online money-making success. Please let me know of your successes and your ideas.

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