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Dental Care for the Autistic

Let’s talk about nightmares. Dentists. No, dentists aren’t nightmares, but going to the dentist sure can be. All the foreign objects and substances they’ll put in your mouth, not being able to swallow, the noise and pain of the drill, the bright light in your eyes, the awkwardness of the creepy-close proximity, the taste and… Read More »

Who Wants This Culture of Dependency Anyway?

Dependency = Bad. Self-Reliance = Good.  Think about it. The conventional wisdom stinks. According to the conventional wisdom, you’ll do the following things in your life. See if you notice a pattern having to do with self-reliance (or a lack thereof). Use FAFSA to get student loans to go to college. Graduate with tens of thousands… Read More »

Making a Difference in the World

Perspective Matters I’ve said that we may not know the true impact any given individual has had on the world until they die and we read their journal, or we hear people talk about them at their funeral. Sometimes it is just hard to judge a person’s impact until you’ve got more perspective. For example,… Read More »

Is Wake Up Now a Scam – Review

Scam or Just MLM I don’t want to waste your time by writing a long spiel review about Wake Up Now (WUN). You want to know if it is a scam. I’ll tell you. It probably isn’t. That doesn’t mean that you should jump on the boat, however. Legal doesn’t always = wise.  Wake Up… Read More »

Is Vemma a Scam – Vemma Review

Is Vemma a Scam? Business model: Sell drinks. Recruit other people to also sell drinks. Earn money from the drinks you sell and the drinks sold by your downline. In other words, Multi Level Marketing (MLM) business. Think Amway. It seems like a new MLM comes out every day, and they are all so similar.… Read More »

All About Self-Reliance. Be Prepared.

  Home and Garden There are producers, middlemen, and consumers.  Which are you?  The goal is to move from consumer to producer.  Of course, we all must consume to live, but when we produce what we consume, we become self-reliant.   At home, this might mean that we each become a do-it-yourselfer.  We fix our own… Read More »

Is MCA a Scam

Is MCA a Scam? The thing that most people dislike about the Motor Club of America (MCA) seems to be the business model and payment structure.  It closely resembles a pyramid scheme and/or multi-level marketing business plan.  If you sign up another Independent Sales Associate, you will earn a commission off of their sales. My… Read More »

How to Tell if it’s a Business Opportunity Scam

How to Discern a Fraudulent Business Opportunity from a Legit Business Opportunity Scams are everywhere.  You’ll find them on craigslist, your local classified ads, in your email inbox, and all over the internet.  If you pay attention to the language in the ad, it can become easier to learn how to tell if it’s a business… Read More »

Is College Worth It?

Is a College Degree Worth It? If you are looking for a bunch of numbers and stats that are designed to convince you of one opinion or another, I am sorry—I’ll not be providing that information for you. You’ll find enough numbers and statistics at college, or online, where they’ll feed you full of numbers that… Read More »

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

Is Wealthy Affiliate (WA) a Scam? Did you recently hear about Wealthy Affiliate and find yourself wondering, “Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?”  This article is for you.  I intend to give you an honest and accurate opinion about Wealthy Affiliate and its training on internet marketing affiliate program. Full Disclosure: I am a “Wealthy Affiliate,” so… Read More »

The Perfect Online Jobs for Teens

  Are you looking for great online jobs for your teenager?  Or perhaps you are a teen who is looking for a great opportunity online.  It can be difficult to find a legitimate job online, especially for teens, so I understand any skepticism you might have.  I want to tell you about what I think… Read More »