Best Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy is a powerful keyword research tool. But it does more than that. What can it do?

Fast Niche Research
Jaaxy can help you learn which of your niche ideas are better than others.

Comprehensive Keyword Research
Jaaxy is powerful.

Accurate Competition Metrics
SEOs tend to over-complicate. Jaaxy brings powerful metrics that actually matter. Simplify!

Domain Flipping
Domain flipping is business model where you buy domains related to keywords with a high number of searches and low QSR (Quoted Search Results). You’d then sell the domain for a profit.

My experience with keyword research tools has been that I have to have an account with a ton of different companies and learn a bunch of different tools. I’m not a fan of overstretching like that. What I gain in ability I lose in complication. In other words, I don’t gain the ability at all.

Jaaxy does a ton more than most keyword research tools, plus the work of a lot of the other tools out on the market. When ideating your content strategy, you can do it with Jaaxy here: Jaaxy Free Trial

Or try typing a search term here:

Jaaxy will instruct you on how to use their platform. It is fairly intuitive and simple.

With three plan levels, I recommend trying the free trial to make sure it actually fits your specific need. If not, you might want to go the usual route of Google Adwords and other SEO tools. If it does, you’ll then want to check out the other plans.

FREE ($0), Pro ($19/month), or Enterprise ($69 $49/month).

Jaaxy keyword research comparison

Jaaxy is the Best Keyword Research Tool I’ve Used

If you really like it after trying out the free version and want to get access to all the other features it provides, upgrading is easy.

Go to Jaaxy and sign up for a free account. Give it a shot during your next keyword research and content writing session.

Make use of the Jaaxy blog, and read and learn as much as you can while you’re there. Get to know all of its features. Determine if it will work for your needs. If so, shoot for the Pro or Enterprise options. If it won’t help you, no harm done.

That’s pretty straight forward, right? That’s how I like to promote products and services I personally like. Short, sweet, and to the point.


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One thought on “Best Keyword Research Tool

  1. John

    Indeed a great post about keyword research tools.
    Keyword research is the best way to find the right opportunity to work on and earn some decent amount of income.
    It is true that without targeting the right keyword, we can’t achieve success because we don’t know which keywords have great potential. To know this, keyword research comes into action.
    I am using Google Keyword Planner and Long Tail Pro for my keyword research work. Thanks for sharing this keyword research tool.


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