Best Supplements For Building Muscle

By | May 10, 2014

Physical Self-Reliance


What are the best supplements for building muscle?

Does my body’s level of fitness really have anything to do with self-reliance?  Yes!  And here’s why.

I want you to think about all the things that get in the way of your success.  Do any of these things come to mind:

  • Lack of energy
  • Just don’t feel good
  • Unhappy
  • Depressed
  • Embarrassed by weight or size

Each of these things can be influenced directly by your level of physical fitness.  How might your life change if your list of negatives turned into positives like this:

  • Abundant energy
  • Feel great most of the time
  • Happy
  • Hopeful
  • Confident and comfortable with body image

If you had all this going for you, you would be a lot closer to becoming physically self-reliant.

“To Build My Own” Muscle and Get Physically Fit!

It’s time to stop shrugging off the responsibility for your own physical health.  No one else can do it for you.  Only you can make the decisions necessary to become physically self-reliant.  You’ll need to eat right, sleep right and be active.  Avoid all the fads out there.  Magic pills that melt fat are usually marketing scams.  New fitness products come out nearly every day.  Are there any supplements that actually work?  What is there that you can really rely on?  What is tried and true?  What are the best supplements for building muscle?

What I am about to tell you should not be interpreted as advice that replaces the fundamentals of eating right, activity and good sleeping patterns.  However, if you do those fundamentals, this advice can boost your success in meaningful ways.

Protein.  Protein.  Protein!

You need protein.  But beyond that, you need the RIGHT kind of protein and you need to consume it at the RIGHT time of day.  It isn’t only a matter of which protein is the best protein for building muscle.

Proteins come from many different sources.  Different proteins have different benefits.  I want to focus on one protein with one very specific benefit.

Night Time Protein

Click here for a good night time protein.

My personal experience has been that the #1 best time to consume protein is RIGHT BEFORE BED.  I’m not talking about dinner time, unless you happen to eat dinner at 10:00 pm.  I am talking about right before you lay down to go to sleep.  And you’ll want a medium to slow digesting and absorbing protein so that you have a steady release of protein into your system throughout the night.

WHY?  Why night time?  Why does this matter and how would it help me?


Your body does much of its magic at night, while you are sleeping.  As you go throughout your day being active, your muscles develop tears and materials build up there.  When you consume protein before bed, you supply your body with the nutrients it needs to maximize your recovery at night.  In my experience, this translates into more energy and less soreness.  Yep!  When I take protein at night, especially after a day of hard work-outs, I wake up with much less, if any, soreness the next day.  It works for me.  I believe it can work for you.

What kind of protein should you consume?

Egg white is a good medium digesting and absorbing protein.  For slow digesting, I recommend a good casein – Like This One.

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2 thoughts on “Best Supplements For Building Muscle

  1. Cameron

    This article offers sound advice, and I couldn’t agree more… Making sure you hit the correct levels of daily protein is crucial to growing muscle mass. And casein is the slowest-digesting protein, so it’s perfect for getting us through the overnight (8-10 hour) fast. It keeps our muscles fed while we’re sleeping … Love it! Awesome advice again. I’m a personal trainer, and plan to send my clients over to read this article. Keep up the great website!

    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      Thank you for your feedback, Cameron. I’ve found night-time protein intake to be the most effective supplementation practice for me, personally. It shocked me at first because I found that it always, without fail, reduces the amount of soreness I feel after intense work-outs. Serious recovery boost. I hope that others will enjoy the same benefits that I have experienced.


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