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The 5 Habits of Highly Effective Preppers

Prepping involves building a habit, even a lifestyle, of self-reliance.  While different “preppers” might be oriented toward different potential hazards, all great preppers have similarities.  Introducing the 5 habits of highly effective preppers.   1. Have a Prepper Paradigm Preppers actively prepare for all types of emergencies.  This might include social and political upheavals, natural disasters,… Read More »

How to Regrow Vegetables – A Guide

Regrow your Veggies You know how those leftover scraps just get thrown away in the trash?  What if you could turn them into a beautiful house plant?  Or, in some cases, even next month’s food?  Wouldn’t it be great to have a guide that teaches how to regrow vegetables? Yes, this is a real possibility.… Read More »

Make Pancakes Scratch

From Scratch Make pancakes scratch! – Does that even make sense?  Maybe not, because pancakes don’t have finger nails last time I checked.  Oh well – even if it doesn’t make sense,  I would argue that neither does buying pancakes when it is so easy to make them from scratch.   Make Pancakes Scratch because Self-Reliance!… Read More »

When to Plant a Garden

The Garden Dilemma Garden plants don’t exactly grow with instructions.  I checked!  I turned over a new leaf and the underside was blank.  I pulled it up by the roots and there wasn’t a user’s manual that said when to plant a garden buried there.  Oh, how I wish I knew when to plant a… Read More »

Start a Vegetable Garden

A vegetable garden is the perfect teacher.  It teaches you how to provide food for yourself and your family.  But, if done in haste and without some direction, it can quickly become your master.  Grow a vegetable garden on your terms. Why don’t more people grow vegetable gardens? When thinking of gardening, what comes to… Read More »