Dental Care for the Autistic

By | October 19, 2017

Let’s talk about nightmares.


No, dentists aren’t nightmares, but going to the dentist sure can be.

All the foreign objects and substances they’ll put in your mouth, not being able to swallow, the noise and pain of the drill, the bright light in your eyes, the awkwardness of the creepy-close proximity, the taste and smell of the substances they use, the drooling, and the needles all combine to make going to the dentist nearly impossible for some people with autism.

I know one autistic person who hasn’t been in over 12 years. This person wants to go. They are worried about their teeth. They know they have teeth problems, but they can’t seem to find a dentist who truly will listen to their concerns.

Autists and Teeth

Then there’s brushing the teeth. It’s not something all autistic people struggle with, but many just can’t bring themselves to use toothpaste. Maybe a toothbrush and water. Maybe. But not toothpaste. Not even alternative toothpastes.

Their dental health suffers, which contributes to other health problems.

This knowledge led me to wonder if there are legitimate and healthy alternatives to toothpaste. I’m not talking about ways to make toothpaste from home. No, I’m talking about not having to use any kind of toothpaste at all.

I hoped I’d find something out there that works as well as or better than what many of us are accustomed to. I lucked out and found something AWESOME!

If you or a loved one struggles with tooth brushing and going to the dentist, look into miswak, a natural teeth-cleaning stick from the Salvadora Persica tree (also known as the Toothbrush Tree or Peelu tree).

Miswak Sticks

Some studies have actually shown populations who regularly, and correctly, use miswak actually have better dental health than those who use toothbrush and toothpaste.

It also has other benefits, such as the following: antiseptics that kill harmful organisms that cause bad breath, cause oral ulcers, and cause gum disease; abrasive silica and sodium bicarbonate that helps whiten teeth and remove stains; natural resins that layer the teeth with a protective shield; and natural oils that help freshen breath.

And all this from what amounts to chewing on a stick, and brushing it across the teeth.

We realize that this solution may not be for every autistic individual. But, for those who simply can’t brush because of toothpaste and who would greatly benefit from a solution like this, please consider miswak.

Get yours here: Miswak Club

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