Is MCA a Scam

By | January 6, 2015

Is MCA a Scam?MCA Question

The thing that most people dislike about the Motor Club of America (MCA) seems to be the business model and payment structure.  It closely resembles a pyramid scheme and/or multi-level marketing business plan.  If you sign up another Independent Sales Associate, you will earn a commission off of their sales.

My problem with that business model is that it is unsustainable.  You’ll eventually run out of people to sell to, or you’ll run out of people who have made a decision.  I strongly discourage people from getting involved in businesses that have financial incentives built around a pyramid, or MLM model.  I don’t like what it does to friendships.  I don’t like what it does to families.  It often forces people to choose between business and family.  That is a choice no one should have to make—duh, it’s family every time!

I’m not saying that this MCA model doesn’t work for some people.  It does.  I know people who are successful in MLM-type businesses, but I am telling you as someone who has been there that it is not the lifestyle most people would wish for themselves.

What to do Instead

There really are great opportunities out there for people who are looking to start a business from home.  But jumping into an opportunity that is heavy on the “sales” and “recruiting” can be very daunting.  That is why I recommend mastering the field of SEO, blogging, and building websites.  If you can master that, then you can earn a great income online without having to become a pushy salesman.

No, this approach isn’t going to make you rich overnight.  No, it probably won’t even make you rich in 3 months, or even 6 months.  But, if you are a long-term thinker, then I invite you to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to make serious money online, and you’ll literally do it while you learn.  You can do much of it for free.  They’ll let you take a plunge in the water to really find out if you want to stick with it.  Not many organizations are that accommodating.

Wealthy Affiliate also brings you a huge community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are willing to help you progress in your career.  That is not some wild claim.  You literally experience a community of people who want to help you, and who will also benefit from your knowledge and experience.  I haven’t seen anything quite like it.


It really all comes down to whether you want to try another thing like MCA, which may or  may not be a scam, or try something that will literally help you each step of the way to build a successful online presence and online business.  The comparison is in what type of career and lifestyle you’d prefer.  

If you thrive off of selling and salesmanship, then MCA might be a candidate for you.  I do encourage you to thoroughly vet the organization though.  I am not yet sold that it is legit.  If you want to do something online that will allow you to leverage your passions and create an awesome business online, check out Wealthy Affiliate. You’ll probably have questions.  Please read my detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate Here.  It is my #1 Top Recommendation for a reason.

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