Is Top Dawg Pet Supply a Scam?

By | December 7, 2014


If you are considering using Top Dawg Pet Supply as a business opportunity, you are probably wondering, “Is Top Dawg Pet Supply a Scam?”  You love the way the opportunity sounds, but you don’t want to put up a couple thousand dollars if it is just another scam.  

Top Dawg Pet Supply ScamI am someone who has used this company before, and I want to tell you a little bit about my experience and about something that I think you will find much more rewarding at much less cost.  My experience with Top Dawg left me thinking that they are, without a doubt, a scam.  At best, they offer a less-effective way to attempt to create an online business.  At worst, they are a serious scam that leaves people like you and me feeling taken, used, and betrayed.  

When you sign up with them, you’ll fork over at least $1500 to set up your site.  You’ll get a one-on-one training session where they will remote access your computer and attempt to show you the ropes of administering your business on their back-end platform.  Their platform feels outdated, difficult to understand, difficult to use, glitchy, and it doesn’t even have a blog.  In other words, you can’t write a blog on your site, which is a serious handicap for online business when it comes to marketing and SEO.

They give you a marketing guide, which is also outdated.  I seriously doubt that Top Dawg keeps up-to-date with the changes that google regularly implements to its search algorithm. 

If you have a problem, the owner will do his best to keep you.  When I started to get uncomfortable and asked for a refund, he refused the refund, but offered a discounted monthly rate.  When I did eventually cancel, he ignored my cancelation email and continued to charge me month to month.  When I confronted him with this, he claimed he never got my cancelation email.  I then emailed both my original cancellation email to him, along with another cancellation email, which he never responded to.  I think he finally cancelled my account though, although I never did get the refund that he owes me for the moths he charged me for that should have been cancelled.  

He talks about his business model like it is something to be proud of, but as someone who works in the SEO world, I can tell you that his model is an absolute disaster.  Effective SEO and online marketing requires that the platform be easy to navigate, easy to customize, and that it has a blog.  His platform is none of those things.  

I have many experiences to report on.  I went into a little more detail on my Top Dawg Pet Supply Review. Suffice it to say that I DO NOT recommend Top Dawg Pet Supply, especially not if you are a beginner in online marketing.  You will HATE their site administration platform.  And if you are like me, you’ll spend thousands of dollars with absolutely NOTHING to show for it.  Also, you will eventually try to cancel and have a terrible time trying to do it.  They’ll squeeze every dollar out of you that they possibly can, leaving you with a very bitter taste in your mouth.  

When there are so many scams out there, like this one from EPS Prosperity Hotline, it is easy to wonder if there is any legitimate way to make a living online.  Fortunately, I did find something that actually works.  Shortly after starting with Top Dawg, I found something called Wealthy Affiliate.  In short, Wealthy Affiliate is a top-notch place to learn, network, and actually build a business while you are learning and networking.  It is legit, my friends, and I am starting to see some serious results.  It isn’t for the people oriented towards “get rich quick” schemes.  You definitely won’t see that kind of thing here.  Instead, you’ll get training for current and up-to-date strategies for building a website and building an income online.  I invite you to learn more about it here: Wealthy Affiliate Review.

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One thought on “Is Top Dawg Pet Supply a Scam?

  1. Carol

    I have also used Top Dawg Pet Supply. I would steer clear of dealing with them. They say they have a 30 day money back guarantee but they DO NOT honor it. After I cancelled my account after being signed up for only a few days they REFUSED to refund my 45.00 signup fee. I should have checked this company out before signing up because they have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau. There are other people who have had problems with this company and it is clear to me they only want your money. They say they want to help you build a business but all they do is rip you off. Their freight charges are so high that nobody would EVER buy your products. They tried to charge me almost 30.00 to ship an item that weighed 5 oz. It would have only cost about 4.00 to ship it through the post office. Don’t waste your money with this company!!!!!! There are legitimate companies out there that are better than this.


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