Is Vemma a Scam – Vemma Review

By | January 25, 2015

Vemma MLMIs Vemma a Scam?

Business model: Sell drinks. Recruit other people to also sell drinks. Earn money from the drinks you sell and the drinks sold by your downline.

In other words, Multi Level Marketing (MLM) business. Think Amway. It seems like a new MLM comes out every day, and they are all so similar. Reviewing MLMs isn’t always easy visit site. Is Vemma a scam?

I don’t like to write lengthy reviews about MLM businesses because I feel like most of us have had enough experience with them—in one way or another—to make an informed decision. Here is how it works. You get signed up and you start going to meetings so other people can indoctrinate you. Then, after you’ve drank enough kool-aid you become a brand ambassador and start passing out the kool-aid to everyone else you know.  

Friends, family, strangers—it doesn’t really matter who. People are your playground and convincing them to give your particular MLM brand their utmost loyalty is your game. You’ve seen how loyal many Apple fans can be to Apple products. Well, Apple fans have nothing on a committed MLM Independent Business Owner (IBO).

Is MLM for You?

So I am not going to approach this review on a basis of Vemma’s specific MLM niche. I don’t care what its niche is (drinks), I just want to do everything I can to persuade you that MLM is a business model that will feel very foreign to anyone getting involved in it for the first time. It has a very strong negative conotation because so many people have been pressured by friends and family to forsake their life’s ambitions and goals to pursue an MLM opportunity, only to discover great regret and sorrow.

But I’ll admit that I am thankful for what I learned from MLM. I learned that being an IBO for an MLM opportunity is nothing like being an actual product based business owner. Sure, you push products, but you do it in a way that confuses your customers and even pushes them away. And you have little control over the actual product you sell.

You didn’t create it. You don’t produce it. You can’t change it.  

Those things are determined by a company largely outside of your direct influence or control.  

And perhaps worst of all, even if you do have some success, one bad IBO on the other side of the country can do something stupid and poison the whole well. Then there comes the day when the MLM suddenly launches a new product that completely sells-out on their principles. It happens all the time. I can’t emphasize this enough; you are not in control of the product, the payment structure, or the corporate element. You are simply a salesman and a recruiter. That is the MLM game.  

What to do Instead of Vemma MLM

Instead of Vemma MLM, try actually starting your very own business. Instead of pushing someone else’s drinks, create your own drink. Instead of selling someone else’s laundry soap, create your own. Don’t just be a seller and a recruiter–also be a producer!

If you just feel that you couldn’t possibly produce a product as a business, I recommend looking into something completely unlike MLM. It is my #1 recommendation for people who want to make money by starting an online business. It is legitimate, and relatively simple if you’re consistent and dedicated. Read more about my #1 recommendation here and get started building your future business today. 


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2 thoughts on “Is Vemma a Scam – Vemma Review

  1. Jeff

    My brother suggested I may like this web site. He was right. This post truly made my day. You can’t believe just how much time I had spent looking for this info! Thank you!

  2. James

    Before you join Vemma, make sure you check out the facts!! Now everyone is entitled to their own opinion but facts are facts.


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