Is Wake Up Now a Scam – Review

By | February 4, 2015

Scam or Just MLM

I don’t want to waste your time by writing a long spiel review about Wake Up Now (WUN). You want to know if it is a scam. I’ll tell you. It probably isn’t. That doesn’t mean that you should jump on the boat, however. Legal doesn’t always = wise. 

Wake Up Now is yet another MLM business model. If you’ve read anything from me, you know how I feel about MLM. I hate it. I don’t like the culture of MLM in general. So if you ever hear me say “join this MLM” you’ll know I’ve gone insane. 

Wake Up Now is all about a software solution called the HUB. The HUB allows customers to find and get great deals on all sorts of things: clothes, food and groceries, financial services, and more. 

Sell stuff to customers and make money. Sign up others to sell things to other customers and make money. MLM. 

Don’t Do It

If there is one message I want to get out to people looking to start their own business it is this: don’t do MLM. Just leave it alone and let it die out. Instead of MLM, create your own unique solution to a problem. That is how real businesses change the world. MLM is you promoting someone else’s solution. Don’t just be a promoter of solutions. Also be a producer of solutions.

A Better Choice Than Wake Up Now (WUN)

If you just really want to start making money from a home-based business, but don’t want to create your own products or solutions, instead of MLM try online marketing. Read more about my #1 Top Money Making Recommendation. This is an amazing way to actually help other people and make great money in the process. But it isn’t something that is quick and easy. It takes time and consistent effort.

So learn all you can about WUN, but also read my review linked above. Think long and hard about it. Make the comparisons. With MLM, you’ll be losing friends and annoying family because you’ll feel pressured to pressure them into joining with you. With my recommendation, you won’t ever have to pressure anyone to do anything. 

If you decide to go with MLM, please leave me off of your call list. If you decide to try my recommendation, I’d love to hear about it. 

Best of luck to you and yours, and I wish you all the success you can handle.

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