Scams to Avoid – EPS Prosperity Hotline

By | June 9, 2014

EPS Prosperity Hotline – Legit or SCAM?

EPS Prosperity Hotline landing page

Did you find an ad on craigslist, or some other social advertising network, and get sucked into EPS Prosperity Hotline’s “make $25.00 for every email you process” line in hopes that it would be a legit way to make honest money? Are you wondering if it’s a scam to avoid? This review aims to answer that question honestly and thoroughly. 

A scam can be defined as a dishonest scheme. The dishonesty can be evident in different ways. There are hardcore schemes, like a ponzi scheme. And there are run-of-the-mill scams, like found in common advertising that leads you to believe you’re getting something you’re not getting, yet you still get at least something of value. 

EPS Prosperity Hotline falls somewhere in the middle. At only $25, you’re not losing a ton of money if nothing happens for you. But the cookie-cutter landing pages are full of lies, and you’ll become a liar too! I always find it interesting when a business opportunity has you put someone else’s words on your landing page with claims of unlimited income and “I’ve been using these same ads for a few years and there hasn’t been a day that I did not make money. My personal highest week total was $2,150 and my lowest was $625.”

Money Claim of EPS Prosperity Hotline

I bet you that landing page was built before this person had made a single dollar. When I fell for this, my experience was similar. 

EPS is much like one of those envelope-stuffing schemes from a couple decades ago, only it has been adapted for the internet. I had a family member who fell for the envelope scheme and regretted the way it encouraged them to lust after money, eventually losing satisfaction in the good things they already had in their life.

What is EPS Prosperity Hotline?

They have you:

  1. Create a website and payment receiving account and then…
  2. Use EPS’s provided written advertisements to…
  3. Post ads on sites like craigslist that…
  4. Direct people into a sales funnel (your website) that…
  5. Leads them to also create a website and…
  6. Post EPS’s prewritten advertisements on…
  7. Sites like craigslist that…
  8. Directs them to a sales funnel that…
  9. Leads them to also create a website so they can…

Are you seeing the pattern here? They call it “email processing” which is a really fancy way of saying “process emails from people who just got scammed into sending you $25 for no real product or service beyond getting set up to also SCAM others into giving them $25 to do the exact same thing.”

Here is how it worked for me.

I saw an ad on craigslist that said the usual contradictory things like “not a get rich quick scheme,” and “make a ton of money fast” etc…

I clicked on the link, and before I knew it I had paid $25 to the person who made the ad so they would send me an email about the “opportunity.” 

Then I had to set up a payment account to receive payments online.

After that, they had me set up a cookie-cutter website with Ya Ya Services, which is quick to point out that they aren’t EPS, even though they defend EPS’s activities.

After getting set up, I was able to learn more via some training resources. That’s when I realized that this was a real scam. I wasn’t actually selling anything other than the opportunity for someone to give me $25 so they could turn around and scam others out of $25 the same way I would have done.

I promptly requested a refund. Neither EPS nor Ya Ya honored my request. I issued an official dispute with Paypal and lost because I hadn’t ordered an actual physical product. Paypal said that they can’t resolve disputes that have to do with non-material online services.

After requesting a refund from Ya Ya, they promptly kicked me off my site that I had paid for and set up.

Is EPS really that bad?

Yes. For starters, let’s look at the product you’d be promoting. You would promote the “opportunity” for people to scam others on the internet. It really is that simple. 

Read #1 recommendation for building wealth online.

Yep. There aren’t any real products or services other than entering a never-ending loop of getting scammed and scamming others in return for a promised profit.

And there is another huge flaw with this system. It is their reliance on sites like Craigslist. 

Granted, you don’t have to use Craiglist as there are other advertising sites listed for you, but Craigslist is EPS’s bread and butter.

The funny thing is that Craiglist has already started blocking the default advertisements that EPS tells you to put up on Craigslist, meaning you would have to use other advertising sites that might also block the advertisements. Or you would have to start making up your own cunning advertisements that may temporarily get past Craigslist’s watchful eye.

There are many other issues I have with EPS, like their shady claims on site security, their very suspicious links to Ya Ya Services, and the quickness in which Ya Ya strives to place distance between themselves and EPS all while graciously taking your money to build a website for the EPS “opportunity.”

The Bottom Line

Everything about this site screams scam. I, also, am screaming SCAM!

Can you make some money with this? Possibly. But you could also make money doing any number of unethical things. I always recommend combining opportunities with ethics.

With EPS, you are selling nothing but promises, and if you use their cookie-cutter copy, you’re also lying and painting a pretty picture that doesn’t actually exist. There isn’t a product or a service (I read that they started offering a booklet filled with instructions and/or ads, but that doesn’t count in my opinion since it only supports the scheme and offers no value beyond encouraging dishonesty). The $25 is a “finders fee” and there is a $10 fee that goes to Ya Ya Services if you choose to let them “build” you a cookie-cutter website.

I consider it a scam, top to bottom, beginning to end, through and through.

I can’t tell you how to proceed, but I recommend that you don’t touch this one. That is my sincere word on the matter.

If you’re someone looking for a legit way to make serious money online, there are a lot of options out there for you if you have the desire to learn and are willing to spend the time working hard and potentially investing anything from a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars. Some options start free so you can learn. One such option I frequently recommend is an affiliate marketing training program that also hosts your websites and has a lot of necessary services right there for you. I consider it a legitimate, ethical, and supportive service. I found it shortly after my terrible experiences with EPS and Ya Ya. Read my in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

More on How EPS Prosperity Hotline is a Scam

EPS Prosperity Hotline Scam

I’ve mentioned it a couple times already, but do you remember the envelope-stuffing scams from a few decades ago? Shoot, they’re probably still around. I remember hearing about them when I was just a kid. They went something like this.

  1. You’d see an advertisement that said something like: $500 to $2,500 weekly. $2 for each circular you mail…Free Postage…Free Supplies… No Advertising! Paychecks mailed to you every week! Advance paycheck forms included in your package!! Just mail us $10 to get started.
  2. You’d mail them $10 and then get a letter in the mail that reveals the whole truth.
  3. The truth is that you’d have to send letters to as many people as you can. Your earnings would come from the $10 that each of them sends to you to pay for the same “opportunity” you just paid for. That whole “free postage” and “free supplies” claim is a lie, unless you think of “free” as meaning that you pay for it out of the money that people send to you. 
  4. The ONLY way you’d earn money is if people respond to your letters the same way that you responded. 

#1 recommendation for building wealth online.

How is this like EPS Prosperity Hotline?

  1. You saw an advertisement that went something like this (they vary, so this might not be exactly what you saw): $500 to $2,500 weekly. Immediate payment! Fast money! Have a successful at-home business that works!
  2. You email someone and pay them $25.
  3. They send you instructions on how to set up your website (which might cost an additional $10) and how to write the ads on sites like Craigslist.
  4. You set up the site and start placing the ads.
  5. People who believe you are legit send you an email and $25.
  6. You email them the instructions.
  7. The cycle repeats.

Do you see the difference between the two? Me to. One was accomplished via paper and the Post Office. The other is done online. Any other differences are likely just to accommodate advances in technology. 

Let’s Face It: EPS Prosperity Hotline is a SCAM!

It is painfully obvious that this email scheme is basically the same thing as the envelope-stuffing scams of old. I am amazed at how flexible con artists are. I only wish that some legit businesses were as flexible and adaptive with new technologies. Then, maybe fewer people would be duped. 

If you’re reading this article, it is probable that you are considering signing on with EPS. I encourage you to reconsider. You’ve read this review of EPS, also read this alternative business idea that actually works. Warning: the alternative I recommend is not quick and easy (it takes work and time), but it is legal, legit, and works for those who work. 

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62 thoughts on “Scams to Avoid – EPS Prosperity Hotline

    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      Great to hear from you Anna. Thank you for visiting, and I hope that what you’ve read will be helpful to you.

  1. Rosa

    People please this is just an opinion from someone who doesn’t know all the facts. EPS is not a scam!
    We are getting the EPS AD Booklet of Generic Ads that can be used for most any type of item or service. It’s a great beginners booklet to get started running ads and marketing. We also are getting support 24/7 and the rights to sell this digital Booklet to others. So this is not correct. Look up the definition of SCAM and re-read the above notation.

    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      Hi Rosa,
      I have personal experience with EPS. The only thing that I am unsure about is how it is still in business. Schemes like this are often caught and prosecuted by the government.
      As to your “digital booklet,” that doesn’t comfort me. What will it do? Print a way to teach others how to scam more people on the internet? Of course. Your not selling a product. Your simply having people pay you to learn how to scam other people to pay them to learn how to scam other people. And if you seriously consider your “booklet” a product, then I would love to see it. Go ahead and send me a copy. If I feel that I have accused EPS wrongly, I will gladly retract my whole article.

      1. Frances

        I believe this is true. It’s a scam. I remember the days when they did this through classified ads and it was $5! Same concept, just faster and able to reach more suckers. Not that slick at all. Thanks for posting and saving people the $25.



        If you have personal experience, why would she need to send you the booklet? You’d already have access.

        1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

          Because when I participated, I was not offered a booklet. Not that I’m aware of. I’d love to see it, though. If someone wants to send me one, please contact me.

    2. Kathy

      Yes the people calling it a scam have no business attempting online marketing. There obviously IS a product. It is a training and resource site that you can use for any online business SMH

      1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

        What’s the product?
        Is it one that someone pays you $25 to “teach” them how to get someone else to pay them $25 to “teach” them how to get someone else to pay them $25 to “teach” them how to get someone else to pay them $25 to “teach” them how to get someone else to pay them $25, etc….? I don’t know what EPS you’re part of, but the one I signed up with was exactly that. If they no longer follow that bogus, worthless model—one which ads absolutely no value to the economy other than short-term hot air—then please let me have the link to their current website that sets me straight.

  2. visitor

    Oh dear,
    Looks like I,ve done it again !!!
    I researched these people before I went ahead, as I have been scammed loads of times.
    It said top ten online money making jobs, and they were the top.
    Joined , spent the last of my weekly pension, got the ebook, joined craigs list and back page etc.
    All set to start tonight.
    Whent back to login page, page not available !!!
    Tried about 4 times nothing.
    I believed that the people who have listed this site as (top ten) need to be accountable as well.

    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      Hi visitor,
      I feel for you.
      I’d love a link to the site you are talking about. Holding them accountable is what I do.
      I’d also love a copy of this eBook. Do you know how I can get a copy?

      1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

        Update: I reported EPS and Ya Ya Services to the FTC on the 25th of January 2015. I had already reported them to other consumer protection agencies, but to no avail:

        Dear FTC: I found EPS Prosperity Hotline on a Craigslist add as a way to make money from home. I thought it was legit. After signing up for $25, they referred me to another questionable company called Ya Ya Services. I suspect that they are two companies operating under the same umbrella. Ya Ya sold me my own landing page website for $10. EPS provides prewritten advertisements that I would put on places like Craigslist and Backpage. Then, people would email me and pay me $25 to then get the prewritten ads to also post on Craigslist and Backpage so that other people could then pay them the money, and so on and so forth. Do you see the pattern? It is like one of those old-school envelope stuffing schemes. I believe that EPS is a scam and illegal. I haven’t been able to find contact info for EPS, but I was able to contact Ya Ya who basically just insulted me, then egged me on and dared me to report them. EPS is a scam that has been living off of gullible people in need. It needs to be shut down for good, and so does Ya Ya Services.

  3. angelina

    Thank you for the information. I was just sent a link, and I’m glad I Googled it first.

  4. David Self

    I have researched this owner of Ya Ya Services Inc., and it is believed from emails received and further research into owner’s failure to perform state regulations, this name will be removed from the history books. As for EPS, I don’t see where it could be considered a scam, but again most people don’t really know what rules must be meet to call something a scam. However, I do believe YA YA Services only intent is to deceive ones of their money, and no you don’t have to use their failed services neither The owner told me from recent email,
    “I don’t have time ….” It seemed this owner did have time to collect your ten dollars, but don’t have time to answer your questions after acceptance of your money – That is illegal, but not a scam though. Any business that will not give you a phone number you should be very afraid of completely.
    I am going on my end do my best to make sure this Ya Ya Services owner is reported to every state and federal authorities to explain why she does not have time.
    I would never recommend joining EPS or any online website, if its sponsor did not offer to assist to best of their abilities, and that is not only online, but in any business exchange. Like said, to call this EPS a scam, I don’t think it meets those rules; it’s that Ya Ya Services that screwed me up, not EPS. Ya Ya Services is headquartered in Aurora Colorado; so, please contact the Colorado Secretary of State. I have, and ask that all who have felt abused to do same, enough complaints someone will act upon quelling this owner who does not have time.

    Those are just my thoughts.

    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      Hi David,
      I also find YA YA to be suspicious. They terminated my website for no reason other than me bringing up my problems with them. Imagine if your cable provider terminated your cable service if you complained. That would not be acceptable. But that is exactly how YA YA operates.
      EPS is most definitely a Scam. But you do bring up a good point. How do we define scam? It can be defined in many ways. EPS is a scam because its business model has been identified as a scam by our nation’s consumer protection agencies. Whether or not you can actually make money from it is beside the point. You can make a ton of money selling drugs, but that doesn’t make selling drugs okay. EPS is simply an updated version of the old-school envelope stuffing scam.

      1. Marc

        Great website. Picked up your page by searching in google for “Owner”+”EPS Prospuity hotline” . It was the first result that popped up, because of David Self’s comment.

        Thought I would add my two cents … EPS is a definitely a SCAM! Not only do they use false advertising, but their business model is based on that of a chain letter scheme.

        Why else would they have no admin involved in the initial sign up… AND have the $25 paid directly into the referrers PayPal account. Can we say… “KEEPING THEIR NOSES CLEAN” 😉

        lol… This is one to stay far away from.

        Awesome website… I am actually a member of Wealthy Affiliate and for some reason don’t recall seeing you in the community. Give me a shout sometime “marcparsons”. WA is definitely worthwhile for anyone looking for a legit online opportunity.

        Wishing you all of the best.


        1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

          Good to hear from you, Marc. Thanks for reading!

  5. Maya Yafi

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    My Recommendation
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    Create your account for free now!

    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      Hi Maya,
      Despite your blatant promotion, I have decided to let your comment through moderation because I actually agree with you. Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing place to learn to start and build an online business. Read my comprehensive review here:

  6. Linda

    What is sad is that people actually fall for this EPS scam in the first place. This is the first I’ve heard of a booklet of ads. I have been referred to this “opportunity” by many different people and none of the websites mentioned a booklet. Most people couldn’t even tell me the name of the company they worked for or what they were selling. These are questions people should ask before joining any “biz”. I am glad to find a honest review on this scam.

  7. Swaraj Singh

    Thanks for your review .It helps me and saved my money.

  8. Cherie

    I feel EPS is a scam as well, but also in the same breath want to try it myself. It’s only $25. I know a girl who has been with EPS since 2012 and is still making great money today. It’s been around a while , so who keeps falling for this ? If it’s so terrible why hasn’t it been shut down ?
    Oh well…….off to check out Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      I often wonder the same thing, Cherie. I fell for it. I reported it to the authorities, yet it is still around. You’ve got to wonder why the authorities are so slow to respond to complaints about scams on the internet. My assumption is because people are only losing a mere $25-50, instead of thousands and thousands of dollars.
      Above and beyond that, I do not doubt that it is possible to make some money with EPS. But you can also make money dealing drugs, or doing any number of unethical or illegal things. I think EPS will get shut down eventually, especially if they happen to have any high profile cases (someone with connections to media or good lawyers falls for it and makes a big stink out of it).

  9. Ric

    I see people posting about EPS everyday, I just saw this website.. Thank you for doing this. I wish I’d seen this before I wasted my money.

    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      I feel the same way. I also fell for EPS at first.

  10. Yvonne

    I almost fall for this EPS thing. I was really really decided a few days ago and it really caught my attention. Though the site and all of the process did scream to me as a SCAM, I really almost fell for it because someone in my facebook freelancer group posted her earnings and claimed that her boss is also doing the same thing. Thanks for this review and even the person who posted your blog link over to the page. More Power to You!

    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      Thanks for visiting, Yvonne! I’m glad you figured out about this one. I wouldn’t be surprised if some people make money with EPS. But the definition of SCAM that I live by is bigger than just “can I make money.” Other considerations, like “is it legal,” “is it ethical,” and “is it sustainable” must be thought of. I doubt the money claims with EPS, but I also do not believe it is either legal, ethical, or sustainable. I wish you complete success in your endeavors!

  11. slvrtrz3000

    Saw this email processors ad through my {other online} account and I am considering contacting his team to ask them to please drop Email Processors Wanted ad off his ad network. Did not lose any money to these sharks. I agree SHUT DOWN ALL OF THESE CON ARTISTS EVERYWHERE. Thank goodness for the internet. It can be used as a beacon of hope,research,communication,honest sales,education, and so much more. Viva la internet. Thanks for putting the word out so others will not get suckered. You are doing a good thing. Keep up the good work.

    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      Even if they don’t get shut down, thank goodness for being able to point them out!
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  12. angela

    I just recently fell for this. I paid my $25 fee and $10 for yaya website. I never recieved an email from yaya like they said I would, but my payment was taken out. wish I would have Googled before I did it.

    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      Hi, Angla.
      I’m sorry for your bad experience. I know how it feels.
      There are so many scams online. There are even more legitimate businesses that are just plain bad ideas.
      There are good ones too, they just become difficult to see and trust amidst all the fog.
      I Google just about everything these days.

  13. AlexofPA

    Your contributions to warn people from joining EPS has impacted to everyone and to me who have been already involved to various online money making businesses. I really appreciated for what you have done to get people aware about SCAMMERS… FYI, In fact, I am an Owner/President and CEO of a direct selling company here in Pennsylvania at the same time I engaged myself to an online businesses that unfortunately dragged me to become a victim of those SCAMMERS out there sucked my couple thousand of dollars up from my bank account.

    I wish you continue reminding people to AVOID getting entangled to this kind of BLOOD SUCKING SCAMMERS to save their hard earn.. God has created you to play a very significant rule to save people particularly myself from becoming a victim of this SUCKERS. I have to be frank with you that If I wasn’t able to read all your very informative comments about EPS, I was already about to sign up yet you’ve save me my friend..

    I guess Authorities in our country where you have had reported already should have to take a drastic action towards these illegal, unethical online businesses in order to stop their illegal activities, to stop their exploitation to people who wants to earn extra income from online.

    I need your advice about the Wealthy Affiliate, is it safe for me to join if I wish to?
    I really would appreciate if you do please reply with your green light advice.

    I really salute you…Keep it up…

    May God bless you,

    Alex Algarme, Sr.
    Pennsylvania, USA

    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      Thank you for reading and commenting, Alex.
      I’ve been learning from Wealthy Affiliate for over a year now. My opinion is that it is a great community for learning how to build a business online.
      If you do decide to try out WA, I suggest trying their free account. It should likely give you enough access and training to help you know for sure if it is what you need.
      I wish you success, Alex!

  14. Andrew

    I can’t believe I wasted money. I joined the bloody stupid site believing I would earn my money back, but I asked for help and they ignored me. I’ve spent countless on products and I’m getting tired of getting scammed. I give up in the internet marketing world—it’s just way too hard. I spent over $1000 This year just hoping I could quit my boring day job.
    I’ll just continue my boring job the rest of my life.

    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      I have a lot of empathy for the sentiment you’ve expressed. I also took the bait. We learn from it, though. I hope you find what you’re looking for, or I hope it finds you!

  15. Peter

    You may well have saved me from making a very bad mistake. I was sorely tempted to join EPS since, superficially, it seems to provide a steady income and the prospect of being my own boss to boot.

    Their initial presentation looked a bit shouty and tacky, to my taste, but promising still. However, suspicion kicked in with this $25 fee being asked up-front. And when I tried to find out more about their business antecedents, I drew blanks wherever I looked. I attempted BBB as well, for further information, but I just couldn’t get access (since I’m not from the US, I suppose).

    Prosperity’s FAQs, though, seemed reasonable as well as convincing. Besides, I wished this so very much to be my ticket to financial and spiritual freedom . And it’s especially this mixed bag of signals that has given me a few sleepless nights: impossible to make out what to BELIEVE and, consequently, to decide what to DO. One moment tempted to give it a go; the next changing my mind. And then: ‘yeah, but what if it’s still all above-board…?’ All very confusing indeed.

    So I’m really grateful that you are sharing your own experience with Prosperity here. With your explanation, peace of mind has returned. And yes, I agree: I, too, would like to some income from the internet – but surely of the kind that I’ll be able to look at myself in the mirror each morning without shame.

    It’s clear now that EPS is indeed to good to be true. On the other hand: I just had a quick gander at WA – and to me it seems (mainly or exclusively) geared towards the US market. If so, my feeling is that it probably won’t be of much use to me, as European. Your thoughts on this please.

    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for contributing your thoughts! I believe the owners of WA live in Canada, and my experience in their community has brought me into contact with people from all over the world. I was just chatting with a WA member from the UK this morning.
      If you choose to join the WA community, being from Europe shouldn’t be a problem. Just make sure to try the free membership first. Then, take all the free courses. If it’s not for you, you won’t have sacrificed any money. If it is for you, the free membership will have taught you a lot about the community and you’ll be able to know for sure if you want to go premium or not. That’s exactly how I vetted WA. WA isn’t a perfect system. But it is the best I’ve found, and it gets better and better every year with the owners constantly improving the product and the community.
      Whatever you decide to do, stay awesome!

  16. Jacqueline

    I’m glad I read this article, I was a little convinced it works. I had a person I was trying to get a website from and started with and little did I know, once I started asking questions, it hit a stop. There’s this person online scamming people of money… She led me to believe that the business called prosperity was going to help me further my future by simply posting ads. Please help spread the word — I live paycheck by paycheck and food pantries, and I’m hoping that my situation gets better. Your blog has potential, so keep it up. I wouldn’t want anyone else getting scammed.

  17. Deborah Schneider

    I appreciate your frank review about EPS. My recent contact was the first I had heard about this “opportunity.” As an active nurse executive, my salary never required additional income. Now I’m retired, I find myself longing for things to do with some financial reward. Your page was not the first review I have read, and my final decision is “mixed reviews.”
    I have an unsatisfied due diligence question: If I get the $25 EACH person sends, and it is posted directly to my PayPal, how does EPS make any money from me or those I have recruited to the pyramid? Although I realize the kicker is to recruit people to do exactly what I would be doing and no service or merchandise is ever brought into the exchanges, I can’t get past that concept. Except for my original $25 to my immediate recruiter, how can they make money from my efforts?
    Thanks for your response!


    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      Hi Deborah,
      That’s why I called it a non-vertical. It doesn’t have the vertical aspect, but it has the worst aspect of a pyramid scheme, which is the kicker you mentioned. They’re now trying to promote the booklet to give the impression that you’re actually buying and selling something, but the booklet, from my understanding, is just a booklet teaching you how to scam others so the victim will then turn around and do the same thing to as many people as they can.
      Not all scams are scams because people lose a lot of money. I’d call drug dealing a scam because it is immoral, but a person can make a ton of money dealing drugs. This EPS scam, in my opinion, swindles integrity out of people and, yes, money for those who question their methods (like when they shut down my site for questioning their methods…which EPS would probably blame on Ya-Ya, but I don’t buy that explanation).

      1. Afrath

        I’m Afrath. I’m just a housewife. I’m looking for a online job. Can anybody please suggest me the truthworthy online job. I was decided to join in EPS. After that I saw all ur comments. I’ve decided to back off. Please help me to find a online / work from home job.

        1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

          You might try writing freelance with a company that pays writers to write articles. Have you looked into that?

  18. Solomon

    I Use The Email Processing System To Train People Who Are New To Making Money Online. What I Learn About Online Marketing In 6Mo. Will Take The Average Working Person 2-3 years. I Will Save YOu Time ANd Money. Will You Make Money Using The EMail Processing System? Yes. That Means You Will Earn While You Learn. The Training Is Very Light If You Devote 30 Min A Day To It You Will Be Fine. This Is A System For Beginners.

    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      Email processing? Are you talking about EPS? “Email processing” is a good way of distracting people from the true nature of the “business.” Will you get emails? Yes. Will you “process” them? Yes. But what are you selling? Nothing but nothing. Unless you’re talking about the “booklet” that teaches you how to get people to give you money by teaching them how to get other people to give them money to learn to teach other people how to get other people to give them money. No actual products other than a perpetuating cycle of scam and classified ad spam.

  19. Jarrod Forrest

    Most people wouldn’t know a scam if it hit ’em . . . That being said, sorry for those of you who got taken to the cleaners.

  20. Jess

    Very interesting.

    Why is it that we feel we need to ‘work hard’ in order to sustain ourselves? Why is receiving money without sweating for it unethical? With the technology we have today, with the more opportunity for making our lives easier and easier every day, is it so hard to believe that perhaps we as a species are on our way to working less for our survival? Are we even working just to ‘survive’ anymore? Might there be more to life than just working working working to survive?

    This system. You pay this $25 forward so that you might receive it from others. What are you promised in these advertisements? What are the expectations? Are there even any? As a human being, every action I take is my own doing, my own responsibility. If I am paying this $25 and laying responsibility on someone else…why would the system work in my favour? Attitude is everything. Drive is everything. Confidence is everything. The way I see it, nothing comes from nothing. If I pay $25, I’m not going to get rich by sitting there and having a horrible attitude about how I just sent off $25.

    This system seems like it’s simply about giving and receiving. You give, and others give to you, and others give to those others. There is no shortage of money. There is no end to the cycle unless you you believe that there is. That is how people get rich. That is how people become successful. Attitude. I think this is a simple and beautiful system, so long as business is no being dishonest about what they are selling (in this case, they’re selling the idea/system, really…and the potential for success. Nothing wrong with that). The resistance that many people seem to have for it is simply that, resistance. So, why do you feel that way? What is holding you back?

    At the end of the end, you can’t achieve anything you don’t believe you can achieve. Money is money. It’s not holy, it’s not only for some people or others, it’s not only for those ‘deserving’ it, or needing it. It is not evil, and it does not solve all problems. It is simply part of our human experience.

    Your beliefs about money can keep you from obtaining it. So just have fun with it. Cheers.

    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      The sophistry here is astounding.
      Imagine if everyone in America (or in the country you live in) took this attitude. There would be no production of goods and services. None. And there would be no flow of money. You wouldn’t be able to buy the device you used to write this comment, you wouldn’t be able to spend the $25 to get to scam other people, and other people wouldn’t be able to fall for the scam. We work, or we perish. “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground.” – God
      Hard work is a blessing. It is an opportunity to learn, to grow, to contribute, and to become. Without it, we atrophy. That is perhaps the single most devastating result of scams like this. People have an inherent desire to build, to create, to grow, and to contribute. To stifle it with an appeal to fake faith and passive wanting does others an injustice.

  21. Karyn

    Bugger. I always read reviews before I sign up but bugger me I didn’t with this one…..should have known. Can’t believe they are allowed to operate yet I get told Tupperware is pyramid and it is a legit business.

    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      Yeah, take note of how I talk about the pyramid. It’s not a true pyramid scheme. I call it a non-vertical pyramid. It has some similarities to pyramid schemes with some things that make it different. Regardless, it’s very scammy.

  22. Zaphara

    I’m currently studying to be a paralegal so I can’t give legal advice; however, I believe you should be able to get a refund because you did pay for a one-time membership to gain access to a website that does contain training and it also gives you access to page landings which are also not available to you till you pay your membership fee. You then pay a one time fee for a website which is also provided by the “company.

    It sucks because this scam really pulls you in! When I realized it was a scam is when they add you to the facebook groups, you’re not allowed to discuss anything with other members only the person who gave you the information.

    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      I’d love to hear more about your experience.

  23. Tracy

    EPS is a product that pays you 100%
    Somebody (Maybe YaYa Services) created a bunch Ad Titles, Ads & Email Swipes but it in a booklet with simple to do instructions…

    there is no monthly payment, there is only 1 upsell…( to YaYa Services) if you want them to build you the sales page otherwise you can build your own site

    The only people I see blasting EPS is a scam are the people who have never used it and trying to promote their own online making system … usual its Wealthy Affiliate (WA)

    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      I visited your individual website, Tracy. It looks like the standard junky YaYa landing page. Let’s count the deceptions on that site, just for fun:
      1) “Email processing system.”
      This is a clever deception to make it sound legitimate. The way it’s worded, it sounds like you’re actually doing some kind of normal office work, like data entry or customer service.
      2) “When you process 40 Emails, You Will.. “Easily Earn $1,000 Per Day””
      40 x 25 = 1000. Yay for math! This is another way of saying that if 40 people respond to your ad with their $25, you get $1000, since 40 x 20 = 1000.
      3) “Make $25.00 For Every Email You Process!”
      In other words, make $25 for every time someone sends you $25. Stop trying to make it sound legitimate with this “email processing” line.
      That’s a blatant lie. They could make $200, but you can’t guarantee that. What will you do, pay them $200 each day they don’t? Interesting that in the footer it says, “Any earnings or income statements & income examples are only estimates of what we think you could earn. There is no assurance you’ll do as well.” That sure doesn’t sound like a guarantee.
      4) “We have 3 ads that have been making a ton of money for us everyday and we need help posting them.”
      This is psychology to get them to feel like a) they’re part of a community and b) they’re doing you a favor by making gobs of money. Sadly, it’s a trick. “We need help posting them.” LOL! As if you’re losing out by not having their competition.
      5) “No spamming involved!”
      Posting the same basic annoying ads on Craigslist and other sites endlessly? It might not be the standard form of spam, because you may not be targeting tons of individual email addresses, but you sure are trying to target a huge group of people with what most of them will feel are ridiculously spammy advertisements. In fact, many people have stopped using sites like Craigslist because of this kind of spam.

      And that’s just a taste. The entire advertisement, if all the sneakery were removed, could be summed up like this:

      Pay me $25 and I’ll teach you how to convince other people to pay you $25 to learn how to convince other people to pay them $25. No, you’ll never actually sell them anything of real value, other than an opportunity to learn the art of the con, but who cares? I mean, sure, if everyone did this the entire economy would collapse and we’d all starve to death, but like that matters.

  24. Nadine Dorado

    People who post negative facts about the EPS are the people who didn’t have what it takes to make the system work for them.

    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      You’re right. I didn’t have what it takes: I didn’t have the desire to lie to people. I’m sure if I had that “quality,” I might have made bank.

    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      Interesting line of thinking. I can think of a lot of other things people buy that they probably shouldn’t. But they buy it, so those they buy it from must be doing something right.

      I have to stop and sigh when I read comments that make it sound like the way to measure right and wrong is whether it has had any effective advertising.

      If a dishonest and manipulative enterprise has managed to skirt around lawmakers without drawing enough political will to be completely shut down, that doesn’t mean it’s honest, or good, or worth participating in.


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