The Perfect Online Jobs for Teens

By | December 17, 2014


Are you looking for great online jobs for your teenager?  Or perhaps you are a teen who is looking for a great opportunity online.  It can be difficult to find a legitimate job online, especially for teens, so I understand any skepticism you might have.  I want to tell you about what I think is one of the perfect online jobs for teens.  It isn’t something that is easy, but it is a seriously great opportunity for the teen that approaches it with the right attitude and dedication.

Starting Now to Build for Your Future

It takes a lot of people decades to finally decide on a career path.  If you are a teen, you have probably said the “When I grow up, I want to be…” line a thousand times.  Some people know how that line finishes.  Others can’t quite decide.  What if you could actually build for your future while you are making that decision?  If you have the dedication, you can start now to build your future by doing something online that is challenging, fun, and that comes with great development potential.  You can write!  Can you write?  If you can write, and if you have a hobby, a passion, or a way with words, then you can build an authoritative website that will begin to earn you income.

You shouldn’t consider it a “summer job.”  It isn’t something that comes with a paycheck for an hourly rate.  Instead, it is the opportunity to become self-reliant and build your own business.  

I wish that I had started my website when I was 17-18.  If I had, I would likely be a multi-millionaire by now.  I would have earned nothing in the first 6 months.  Then, if I had the patience and determination to push through, I would start to see modest gains.  Those small profits would increase my enthusiasm and help me to work even harder.  Eventually, I would have built an authoritative website that would provide the finances I need to provide for my family.

That is still my goal, even though I started late.  And I hope to be able to help you start doing something positive like this at a young age so you can have more mobility and financial freedom than I had through my 20’s.  Your parents and/or legal guardian should ALWAYS be consulted before taking on a project like this.  They can help guide to through the scams and to the legitimate opportunities.  They have seen it all.  Use their wisdom.  Let them help you.

You may want to work a part-time job as you begin.  That is okay.  Like I said, this sort of thing takes time to get right.  It takes time and consistent application of what you learn.  Know that from the start because it will help get you through the days when you wonder if it is worth it buy cialis online overnight shipping.


The type of work you’l be doing is called affiliate marketing.  Don’t confuse this with something like multi-level marketing.  They are not in the same ballpark.  Affiliate marketing is a way to earn “commissions” based on sales that you drive to partner companies, like  Many affiliates require that their partners be at least 18 years old, but that is okay because you can do a whole lot to lay the foundation for your business before you start the affiliate marketing side of things.  If you build up your site now, you’ll have that much more of an advantage for when you turn 18.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

As an affiliate marketer, you will master your writing and communication skills, which are critical skills to have in the business world.  Many employers complain that people enter the workforce without these skills, so this is an opportunity for you to put yourself at an advantage compared to your peers.  

As an affiliate marketer, you can become an authority in a niche.  A niche is basically a position in a chosen field of interest.  My niche is self-reliance and preparedness.  My specific niche is self-reliance in the areas of body/mind, finances, home/garden, and spirit.  This article is relevant to that niche because I am trying to teach you how to become self-reliant by starting your own money-making website.  See how that works?  Maybe your niche will be the best golf-courses in the midwest.  Maybe it will be something as specific as the best cases for the iPod touch.  Whatever your niche, it is a field that you will focus on, write about, and become an authority in.  The sky is the limit.  

Build the Foundation for a Work at Home Career

Are you the kind of person that can’t seem to picture yourself working for someone else, yet you don’t quite know what you could start a business in?  This is a great opportunity to start building that foundation for your own work at home career.  You’ll still want to work for an employer for a while, just while you get your online business up and running effectively.  But after you have laid that foundation and are receiving a consistent income, you’ll find that you have a great side-income, or an opportunity to leave your job for the work at home career you desire.

Leverage Your Experience with Technology

There is something that you probably have more experience with than many of those who would become your supervisors at a job: Technology.  This is an opportunity for you to leverage that skill that you have to your advantage.  Your generation is more familiar and comfortable with many technologies that just didn’t exist when some of us older folks were in high school and college.  So you can really use that to your advantage with an online business.  

You’re still young.  Get a head start by starting now to build your online business.  Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate by reading this review:

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