The Urgency of Now

By | February 17, 2015

Now is a Powerful Word

Now can mean this very moment, or this very day this link. Now implies immediacy. Now excludes procrastination or hesitation. Urgency denotes that the task requires swift action. It is more than just doing something immediately—it actually means that doing it immediately was necessary or important. I want to tell you about the urgency of now.

Procrastination = Regret

I am in my low-thirties. I’m not too old yet, but I am old enough to have regret. I regret not implementing ideas I had when I was younger. I thought then that I didn’t have enough of any number of things: experience, money, support from family and friends, education, etc. What I didn’t know then was that just starting and trying without quitting can lead to important—even life changing—successes.

I’m not too old to find success, but I’d be a lot further along had I just stuck with something when I was younger. That is the key. Start worthy pursuits as soon as you have the inkling. Sure, you’ll want to vet the ideas, but don’t put implementation off just because you think you lack maturity or experience.

Don’t let the worry that you won’t find immediate success keep you from starting. The truth is that you probably won’t find immediate success. That is true whether or not you’ve got maturity and experience. Success doesn’t come from maturity and experience; success comes from starting, persisting, and finishing.

The World is Round Around the Edges

No matter where you stand, you can’t see the entire earth at once. The world isn’t a flat surface that would allow you to stand on one edge so you can see across to the opposite edge. The world is spherical. And so is success. No matter how mature and experienced you are, you will never be able to truly see around the bend of the horizon. The best you can do is to start, persist, and finish. You see beyond the horizon by traveling there.

Welcome the chance to find success by degrees. Travel toward success in consistent and persistent steps that have an upward trajectory. Make sure the trail you walk upon is a worthy cause. That matters. It matters because of who you are becoming and because of who you are affecting along the way. If your trail is a worthy cause, then just keep walking and never quit. Finish the task.

Build Upon Successes

When you achieve ultimate success in one endeavor, don’t be appeased. Once you’ve reached a destination, enjoy it for a bit and then embark towards another. Build upon each success by embarking on another worthy endeavor. Never sit still for too long.


So don’t hesitate, and don’t delay. The time is now to start a worthy cause. Today is the time to start, to persist, and to finish.

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