7 Ways to Save Money Easily at Home

By | September 11, 2014

Be Thrifty: How to Live Better with Less


Saving money doesn’t have to involve revolutionary new ideas.  

It often only requires a return to simplicity.  The following list highlights my top 7 ways to save money easily at home look here.  They are things that most anybody can do.

Plan your trips.

Instead of making 10 separate trips during the week for things like groceries, clothes shopping, and running errands, plan to handle it all in one trip.  That’ll save you the bucks in gas money.  It really adds up over time.


What do you have that you no longer want, or no longer need?  Do you have a bookshelf full of books and CD’s that you’ll never again use?  Maybe you have a bunch of last year’s electronics that you have already replaced.  Think about selling them online, or at a yard sale.  This is an excellent way to turn things you don’t use into quick cash.

Become a handy-man…or woman.  

Does your faucet leak?  Do you have a spider problem?  Does your carpet need to be cleaned?  In our time of instant access to information, you could learn how to do many of these things yourself online.  You could potentially save a lot of money and you’ll learn a new skill in the process!

Turn it off!  

Do you have a habit of leaving the lights on when you leave a room?  Turn them off!  I know it can be difficult to train oneself to do this, but it is a great way to conserve energy and to save money.

Plan your meals far in advance.  And stick to the plan.  

This will help you determine a shopping list.  You will be amazed at how much money you can save by doing this.  When your fridge is stocked and you have good food to eat at home, you will be far less likely to spend money going out to eat.


Do you find that most meals end up with extras left over?  Do those extras usually eventually end up in the trash?  Try making a little less from now on.  Americans waste a tremendous amount of money on leftovers that have gone to waste, so this is a great opportunity to turn that around and save a little money!  If you do end up with leftovers, make them count!  They might be just want you want to eat for tomorrow’s breakfast.  

Watch what you spend on entertainment.  

Do you really need high speed internet, the biggest cable package and all those home phones as well as a cell phone for each family member?  Think about getting rid of the cable and home phones.  You can probably get by with the internet and the cell phones.  I’ve done this and it works like a charm.  It has the potential to save you hundreds of dollars per month.

The activities of life are like a vacuum that suck money from our wallets and our bank accounts until we make a stand and make a change.  Saving money can become a thrilling endeavor once you start to see the results.  It feels so good to be in control of our own lives. 

Need more ideas about saving money at home?  Check out the book Be Thrifty: How to Live Better with Less at Amazon!

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9 thoughts on “7 Ways to Save Money Easily at Home

  1. Randy Wood

    I love this post, thanks. It’s always good to be reminded of things we know yet don’t do. Step out the box and save yourself some money then you can pay for what you really need or want.


  2. Ben

    A fine example of ways to cut everyday costs. But to play devil’s advocate, not every scenario will play out equally with everyone. For example, my fridge or freezer might not be large enough to accommodate more than two or three days worth of food…if you count the essentials that are always there. Another issue with grocery shopping is keeping fresh items fresh. Meat is only good for 2 or 3 days. I hate freezing meat and having to thaw it later. Then a personal issue with me, is that I can’t plan or decide on menu items for more than a couple of days in advance, at a time.

    Also as someone who still needs to go to a job everyday…I, like many others, are working on someday being able to work from home. Saving gas is important to me. However, even working from home means other costs would increase, such as using extra electricity, and the cost of additional heating during the colder months. (unless you’re in Hawaii!)

    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      I agree. Not every tip will work for every person. In that case the hope is that the tips will at least inspire a little more creativity so that each person can identify money saving alternatives that will work for them in their unique situation.

  3. Jae

    Totally agree with the “don’t waste food” part! It’s sad how much food goes into the trash, when others are scraping by just to fill their bellies for the day.

  4. Kristina

    Good post! Another thing we do to save money is making extra when we make dinner and bring that to work for lunch. That is a LOT cheaper than eating out every day. Thanks for the tips! Kristina

    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      I also like to make foods in larger quantities and then eat it over the course of several meals.

  5. Christopher Ramos

    Awesome post. I love finding new ways to save money. Saving money really depends on the person who is wanting to save. The fact is a lot of people are living beyond their means when there’s so much stuff they can cut back on. It’s the fault of our consumer based economy. I actually wrote my own article on it.


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