Top Dawg (TopDawg) Pet Supply Review

By | December 7, 2014


Name: Top Dawg Pet Supply
Price: $1500 – $6550
Owner: Jason Santini
Overall Rank: 44 out of 100
Who it’s for: Intermediate – Expert


What is Top Dawg (TopDawg) Pet Supply?

I first learned of Top Dawg Pet Supply while searching for a franchise opportunity. It was listed among a bunch of low-investment options for starting your own business. Having worked in the Pet Healthcare industry, and being someone who is very interested in pet supplies, I jumped on the opportunity after scrutinizing it as thoroughly as I could. Looking back, I think I would have benefited from finding and reading more Top Dawg Pet Supply reviews than I did.

After signing up, I underwent a training session that included talking with someone on the phone while they had remote access to my computer. They showed me how to set up and administer my new website, including products, sales, and fulfillment.  

After the training, they said they were giving me access to a document that would help me remember the things we talked about during training. That was one of the first times I realized that I was dealing with a company that was outdated. The document had training that contradicted what I learned in my one-on-one training session, which ultimately meant that I wasn’t going to be allowed to customize to the website the way I needed and wanted to.

I brought this up with the owner of Top Dawg, who assured me that I would indeed be able to do what I wanted. That was when I realized that I was dealing with someone who was eager (too eager) to keep my business. You see, my experience showed me that the assurances of the owner were not accurate. 

At this point, I had forked over $1500 plus the monthly payment to keep the site up and running. After a few weeks, I began to feel very fatigued because the platform they used is very technical, complicated, and not user friendly at all.  


The price depends on how involved you want to be. If you only want to do the dropshipping, the cost is free to set up. But, the cost starts at $1500 if you want their Pet Store Complete package, which includes “advanced” software, 32-45% profit margin, unlimited “custom” content pages, and a $100 Google Adwords credit. Then, add an additional $100 per month. You can add their basic marketing package for an additional $450 per month.  

The prices seemed fair. And they would indeed be fair if the company delivered what they advertised. After I had been with them for a while, I realized that the actual value I received in return was only worth a fraction of what I had paid. From my perspective, the Pet Store Complete is not worth the $1500 up-front fee. I felt like I had been robbed by scam artists. I still feel like that today after many experiences with the owner that left me feeling betrayed, ignored, and used.

My Experience

My single greatest complaint with Top Dawg is that their back-end website management tool is so glitchy and feels so outdated. Content editing is a huge hassle. Their rich text editing feature never works right. You never know if the products you are selling will be in stock when you need them. Editing the website’s design is not something I was allowed to do on my own—I had to go through their tech support. The exact limits of my website’s customization were portrayed inconsistently. The trainer said one thing, while the owner said something contradictory.  

Their customer support follows this formula: Yes, we can do that! Followed by a failure to do what needs to be done. They only seem to get your emails when it is convenient for them. If you have a serious issue or complaint, you’ll likely find that they mysteriously never received your email, and therefore it is all your fault. That was my experience.

The products (at least while I was with them) had terrible product descriptions (by default). The advice I got was to find the same product online somewhere else and just copy/paste from another site. That is how serious (not at all) they seem to be about providing a great service to their website owners. With over 10,000 products, it would take months to get all of the descriptions right.

The product pictures are usually tiny. Anyone who is serious about selling products online knows that it is critical to have great pictures of the products. Customers need to see what they are getting.  

The company gives you a marketing and SEO guide, which is very outdated. It even talks about how important it is to write articles/blogs, but the website DOESN’T EVEN HAVE THE FUNCATIONALITY FOR A BLOG BUILT IN!!! When I brought this up with them, they told me to just keep writing new posts on the same webpage as old posts. How terrible is that for user experience? I’ll give you a hint: IT IS TERRIBLE. It is also an extremely outdated practice. 

Summary and Recommendation

Long story short, this place is seriously unprofessional. It was an enormous waste of my time and money. It seems like a place that is operated out of some guy’s mother’s basement, and they only take it kind-of seriously. It is touted (by Top Dawg) as something exponentially more grand than it is in real life. It was advertised as an excellent service that would provide something valuable at a fair price, but I got something with many built-in handicaps at an unfair price. That is the long and short of it.

My recommendation is that you do NOT partner up with this company. If you do, you had better make sure that you already have the knowledge and skills to succeed because the “services” that this company provides fall way short—from my perspective, they do not deliver as advertised.     

This was a difficult time for me because I had been through 3 scams in a short period of time. Top Dawg Pet Supply was the most expensive of the three. Thankfully, I soon found something that is not a scam and which is more effective than anything else I have tried.  

This “something” that I found is called Wealthy Affiliate. If you are serious about starting a business online and actually getting results, and if you want to stay away from all of the scams out there, I urge you to read my review of my #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate.

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16 thoughts on “Top Dawg (TopDawg) Pet Supply Review

  1. April

    Great information. Thanks! When you see a document that is being used and it is outdated, I would definitely consider another company. In order for a company to make it online the information has to be accurate and up-to-date.

    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      You’re right, it is crucial to be up-to-date. What worked one month ago might not work today.

  2. Ermin Osmanovic

    Very helpful and honest review! There seem to be a lot of people “half-assing” their way into an online business- looking to scam people for easy money. Thanks for the review!

    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      It can be hard to discern the honest and legitimate opportunities from those that are scams. I guess that is why it is nice to be able to learn from the experience of others.

  3. Michelle

    Top Dawg Pet Supply seems a bit on the expensive side as far as I’m concerned. It sounds like they need to do some serious updating and hire someone who can give better advice than you were ever given! One to steer clear of. Thanks for sharing!

    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      Yes, updating is so important when it comes to SEO and online marketing because SEO/Marketing is always changing.

  4. Freddie

    Great explanation and review. I like to read reviews because I can be prepared in case the company’s name pops up some where else. Sure emphasizes the need to do thorough reviews. Hey, been there done that and have learned the hard way with another company, cost/lost me about $2500.

  5. amy

    Do you have suggestions for a better company that does the same type of thing. I would love to have an online store without the hassles of inventory!

    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      Great question Amy. I did look for an alternate, but was unable to find one. You might try setting up drop-shipping with another supplier. If you have a pet product that you love and believe in, you might try contacting the manufacturer directly and seeing if they’ll do a drop-ship account with you.
      One other option is to create your own product, but make it more whittled down to only a couple of items. You’d still have to work with an inventory, but not an inventory of thousands of different items. The bonus is that when you control the inventory, you actually know what you’ve got in stock. That is not something that TopDawg was able to successfully provide to me. They tried, but they failed.

  6. Kris

    I was pretty excited about pursuing Top Dawg, but now there’s no chance. Thanks for expressing the experience you had with this company. I know that’s a hard pill to swallow and even harder to put out in public.

    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      Thanks for reading, Kris. Please do let me know if you find something great! I love to hear other’s success stories.

  7. Dennis Smith

    Thanks for the valuable advice. I was thinking strongly to partner-up with them because they had pet food, most other places don’t. If anyone has any good recommendations about who to partner-up with that sells the same products these guys do, pleaaase let me know. I appreciated it!

    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      If I hear of anything, I’ll let you know.

  8. David P. Martini

    Thank you for the honest review. I have a client who came across this franchise opportunity, but Top Dawg isn’t a member of our broker network. I was doing some initial research and came across your article. I’ll keep looking for additional information but it doesn’t look like we’ll be adding this to our list of reputable franchise opportunities. Let me know if you or your readers come across a similar business category with a little more honesty and integrity — I think it has the potential to be a great franchise model.

    1. mmTo Build My Own Post author

      Top Dawg is a good idea that is poorly executed.
      I hope they change to be more current, more relevant, more user friendly, and more professional.


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