About College and Dodo Birds

What do college and Dodo Birds have in common? They both fail to evolve. One is extinct and the other is on its way out.

Udemy SkillsAccredited colleges have only survived as long as they have because they are supported by unnatural financial pillars. When the federal government got involved in student loans, higher education in America became stuck in its tradition.

The incentive that free markets create to innovate and change were diluted, and the proof is in the fact that higher education does not meet the needs of most employers. I just wish that more employers would acknowledge that fact (many have).

Disruption in Education is a Good Thing

You’ve heard of online courses like Udemy (Discover Udemy’s top courses!), Khan Academy, and many others. These things are good insofar as the result is twofold: colleges are forced to change and innovate, and employers adapt from a degree focus to a competence/skill focus. I believe that these types of disruptive innovations can provide those two things, and those two things are desperately need in our American society.

Gone are the Days

The days of education-decided social class are coming to an end. Competence and skill ought to rule, and hopefully they soon will. Think about it. If you had to choose an unproven Harvard grad and a person with Udemy certifications who can prove skills and competence, who would you choose? Today you’d probably choose the Harvard grad. Tomorrow it will probably be the person who chose to focus on skills and competence. That is the future. And that is how it should be. 

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